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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom How To Use Fuse In Combat

Apr 26, 2023

Link already has many tools in his belt, including the new fusion system, but he must get creative to take full advantage of it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has many new aspects to play with, but among the deepest is the Fusion System. As the name suggests, it involves combining various objects together, creating a product greater than the sum of its parts. The game sometimes employs this action to solve puzzles. Mostly, though, players will use it for combat.

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Fusion mixes up ordinary battles to surprising degrees. Virtually any tool can serve a purpose, be it offense, defense, or both. Such unorthodox mixtures can keep enemies guessing and ensure protagonist Link always has the upper hand. As long as he keeps his eyes and ears to the ground, he'll never run out of ways to dispatch his foes. More than any system in Tears of the Kingdom, fusion encourages Zelda players to think outside the box.

This should be self-explanatory. The Fusion System would naturally allow players to combine objects into weapons. Such crafting is likely where they'll use the system the most.

That's due in no small part to the wealth of options. They could fuse a stick with a rock to create a war hammer, or they may put some thorns on a club to make a spiky bat. The possibilities are endless.

Fans can even combine established weapons into new ones. A spear and a claymore come together to form a heavy-hitting beast with tremendous range. Alternatively, players might strap a shield to a sword, giving them a makeshift fan to put some distance between them and their enemies. However, that's not the only way these particular tools can fuse.

Offense is only the beginning. Fusion can work similar magic for defense, as swords and shields can also form other combos besides fans. Two-handed blades, for instance, are a risky endeavor. They have long windups and leave Link wide open. After fusing with shields, though, these huge tools can block enemy strikes. That principle extends to other weapons, as well.

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Fusing two spears together is another avenue of avoiding damage. Not only does the resulting weapon combine their lethality, but it also offers increased range. This lets Link maintain a safe distance while attacking, meaning he can take out enemies before they even come close. Needless to say, this radically boosts his life expectancy.

Durability was one of the biggest complaints with Breath of the Wild. The fact that fans' favorite tools broke after a few swings utterly killed the excitement and eliminated any incentive to use them. Luckily, that's less of an issue here.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can reinforce their weapons through fusion. Not only does this boost durability, but it adds a heap of extra damage. The Soldier Construct Horn is a fine example. Infusing melee tools with this material leads to some truly devastating hits. Fans can amplify this further through status effects. Precious gems grant elemental damage--fire, cold, lightning, etc.--to Link's attacks. In short, fusion helps weapons last longer and be more effective while doing so.

When enemies are just too overwhelming, players need a quick escape. The simple option is to run, but Tears of the Kingdom includes a specialized shield to facilitate a better getaway. The Rocket Shield sends Link soaring into the air. At the same time, it protects him from stray arrows and other projectiles. This lets him elude his pursuers and avoid becoming surrounded, and all it requires is a Zonaite Shield and a Rocket.

If players have these components, they should definitely consider such a combination. No matter how skilled they are, there will inevitably come a time when the odds are against them. In that instance, the Rocket Shield could be a lifesaver. It works as both an escape and a temporary reprieve.

As convenient as an escape plan is, fusion can also turn the tide another way. Namely, it can recruit some unwilling allies. The method is simple: fuse a shield with a Muddle Bud Mushroom. Then, block with said shield.

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Any attackers inadvertently set off the mushroom's spores. The fungal plant corrupts their minds and causes them to turn on their friends. This buys Link some much-needed time in a pinch, keeping him from being as outnumbered. He can just watch the two groups duke it out. Whichever side wins, he simply picks off the remainders. Such a tactic is an unconventional use of the fusion system, but it arguably has more utility in the long run.

Fusion already lets Link turn his arrows into RPGs, homing missiles, and other advanced projectiles. However, he can take that advancement one step further with the help of the Zonai. Strapping one of their cannons onto a spear creates a massive firearm. It's essentially an explosive shotgun or grenade launcher.

Pull the trigger, and the weapon triggers a massive inferno to engulf the entire area in front of Link. Granted, this severely clashes with the medieval fantasy world, but players likely won't care. Such an overpowered tool carries an undeniable thrill. It makes quick work of any foe unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast. In a game where every item is vital, fans take any advantage they can get.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch.

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