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Tears of the Kingdom

Mar 31, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom holds the distinct honor of hosting a unique and layered crafting system. To this end, the Fuse ability allows Link to craft powerful weapons and shields to assist him in his journey! While attempting to piece together the plot line, devastating enemies and environmental effects will stand in Link's way. These fused items are capable of making a distinct difference in both cases. These fusions make challenging battles quick and easy with a little know-how! Special ores and unique creature items can craft elemental weapons with ranged effects giving Link some distance from his enemies!

Shields outfitted with ores, and certain pieces of equipment allow Link to gain added benefits from guarding himself. These fusions can assist Link outside of battle, being useful for traversing by jumping off of springs! Additionally, placing certain food items onto shields will grant them temporary effects such as bouncing, or poison clouds. Even more, these fused items are powerful throwing explosives, and great alternatives to wasting arrows. Their sheer versatility allows Link to even out the defensive and offensive capabilities of his combat items! No matter the situation, there can be easily crafted devices that can alter the scope of how they will transpire. All of these devices are made possible using the Fuse ability!

Tears of the Kingdom grants the player a fair amount of versatility in its crafting system, keeping it simple! To this end, there is a fair amount of common sense that can be employed when making items. For instance, something armed with an explosive barrel is best used as a throwing item. Something that has the ability to bounce an opponent away makes for a great close-range item to knock opponents away. If Link needs alternative means of transportation, the fusion ability makes for a perfect method of making personal transport devices. Overall, the more dense an item is, or the more offensive it is; will grant Link's equipment these bonuses.

Fused weapons you can make in Tears of the Kingdom

The Fuse ability in Tears of the Kingdom is best used to amplify the effectiveness of Link's equipment. For this reason, it's important to pay attention to the fusion bonuses that are located in an item's description. Using elemental ores like Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz can create ranged elemental effects on a weapon. These effects include fireballs, freezing gusts, and electricity orbs that can devastate hefty enemies of the opposite element! Items like Mushrooms and springs allow for a bouncing effect on weapons and shields. These effects make traversal easier; as well as beating back opponents who get too close. The simplest thing though, is to attach either a rock, crate, or another weapon to your first one. Adding the durability and damage of both items; Link can get the benefit of the combined reach as well!

Putting the dropped items of monsters such as tails, horns, and teeth allows for the items to deal extra damage. Additionally, fused items with a stone, or metal piece are effective for breaking rocks and armored opponents. While the effects of crafted items seem to be only in how they fight; they also receive a durability bonus! Crafted items will hold the durability of two items combined; making them last twice as long. The only time this isn't effective is when bones and other crafted items are attached to an item. In this case, the item will break when the durability of the monster part is done.

Example of a fused item you can make using simple items (one wooden stick plus one boulder)

When using Fused items, there can be some dangers that come along with the benefits. For example, one might be inclined to place an explosive barrel onto a stick. While these are a common, and great method of defeating hordes of enemies; they cannot be used in melee conflicts! Additionally, using elemental ores on weapons makes unique and powerful items; however, have a charge rate that's separate from durability. This means they have a limited amount of swings before the weapon needs time in order to recharge. Lastly; when using shield devices, they hold a limited use. Springs and fans will break over time, while cannons and emitters require recharging, and have their own durability.

Crafted items are potent for their enhanced durability; however, when thrown, these durability bonuses do not seem to apply. For this reason, it's better to create single-use throwing spears with explosives or elemental ores. Never throw an item that's intended to be saved for later; especially if it's been fused! Crafted items do not drop their components used when the base item breaks; take care when fusing two items together. Weapons and shields that have added fusions will have the combined benefits of both items, as well as their weaknesses. For instance, a wooden item, with a metal one will still attract lightning strikes. A wooden stick attached to a sword loses the sword's edged weapon property while fused.

Though there are an unlimited amount of possibilities for fusions; some are obviously better than others. From elemental weapons to armor-shattering hammers, there's no end to how Link chooses to approach a battle! Using your wits, and some trial and error; Tears of the Kingdom is an impossibly open-ended experience. Outside of combat, the many devices you’ll find across Hyrule allows Link to interact with defense in all new ways! Being one of the most inventive mechanics in the game, Fusion will be a must-have for any player. For this reason, there's a multitude of essentials you can add to Link's arsenal for any situation!

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One of the more potent methods of fusing items together is creating elemental equipment! The use of Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz allows Link to craft wands, staves, and elemental explosives when thrown. Additionally, using the dropped goods of an elemental creature like eyes, horns, and axes will create elemental effects as well. Using food items like chill shrooms, fire fruit, and shock fruit grant weapons a one-time elemental effect for pinch situations. Shields that have been endowed with elemental items will be granted resistance in the case of ores. Enemy drops with elemental effects can vary from a laser beam from eyes; to gusts of elemental wind from wings.

These elemental weapons are especially potent against creatures of the opposite element. Elemental weapons can vary from having just the base physical damage as an element or having ranged effects. Ranged effects are optimal due to they can deal damage to enemies without harming the durability of the item. Additionally, elemental items will allow Link to survive in hostile environments easier. Fire weapons allow a level of added warmth to Link, while ice grants Link resistance from heat. Lightning-based weapons make Link less likely to be struck by lightning, making traversal through thunderstorms easier.

The many devices and contraptions you’ll find around Hyrule can be used to Link's benefits with weapons and armor. Using these items on weapons can translate to powerful elemental effects in the form of emitters. Bounce pads and fans are great for knocking opponents back, and disarming them when they’re thrown backward. Cannons and missiles allow for explosive results; cannons on a shield allow for a ranged attack while blocking. Throwing an item with a rocket attached to it will turn the item into a firework, dealing lots of damage! Wings and spikes can act as great defensive items, as well as unconventional weapons with high durability.

Rocket Shield

While devices have some interesting benefits, they also come with the drawback of requiring a considerable amount of energy to operate. This energy can recharge, however, can prove inconvenient when in the heat of battle. Unlike elemental weapons which are switched out for a new set of charges, all devices source the same energy. There are charging cores found around machine foes that increase the duration of these devices. Lastly, consider that every use of a device outside of crafting with Ultra Hand will result in a loss of that crafting item later. As each of these devices can't be removed after use, diligence is required when using them.

Though it might seem like a strange term to find in a Legend of Zelda game. Tears of the Kingdom's Fuse allow for the creation of stick grenades, and exploding spears that make difficult crowds diminish. These explosive weapons can make a huge difference from a distance, especially against overwhelming odds. Keeping in mind, however, that their overall use is going to be limited to surprise attacks against stronger enemies. Otherwise, Link runs the risk of becoming part of the blast radius of these attacks.

Exploding arrows using bomb fruit and elemental ores allows Link to maximize his effectiveness against these crowds. For instance, a few well-placed bomb arrows, and explosive spears can destroy the hands that lead into Phantom Ganon. Explosives made with ores can grant elemental effects like Burn, Freeze, and Shock. These elemental effects can make the difference in tight pinches if used effectively. Link's survivability goes up drastically with these weapons, especially when catching higher-level enemies off guard with them.

Explosive Barrel Fusions (grenades)

While weapons can be relatively straightforward as to the effects they can cause, shields can prove a little more cryptic. Shields with unique items like explosive barrels or rockets grant the player versatile traversal options. Meanwhile putting ores and minerals on Links shields will grant them elemental effects when blocking or dodging. Some items, like rocks and amber, will increase the durability of these items substantially. The use of meat and wreaths can negate the amount of damage caused to the shield itself, differing from the durability itself.

Shields that have fusions added to them in the form of weapons or fans allow the shield to gain more keep-away potential. Granting the shield more range in blocking and parrying as well as knocking enemies back when doing so. Fused shields allow for more versatility in the blocking function; as well as acting as powerful booby traps. An enemy who hits an explosive barrel while Link's blocking will take tremendous damage. Likewise, adding devices and ores is the best method of using Link's shield Fusions.

While using fusions can be creative in Tears of the Kingdom as a method of dealing more damage one should consider mixing weapon types together. A spear with a sword or claymore attached to it can exploit the high wear and speed of both weapons. Additionally, mixing items like boulders, or spike balls to your weapons creates powerful physical damage. Knocking back from heavy weapons mixed with a spear's speed and precision allows for deadly combinations! Compared to Breath of the Wild, these fusions improve significantly on the combat systems implemented.

It becomes a lot easier to traverse around Hyrule with a full load of weapons and shields thanks to the nature of Fuse. As an ability, it can be as useful as ultra-hand or rewind in the heat of battle. Changing the tide of conflict forever in Link's favor. Whether it be for gaining reach, more damage, or to crashing through fortifications; Fuse is the right tool for the job! With lots of interesting combinations and unique effects; Link can power through any situation. Tears of the Kingdom has done well to expand on the combat system from its predecessor.

Extended weapons are made by putting two items together

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No matter how much of a veteran you may be at Legend of Zelda titles, fusion can improve your performance. Granting a level of creativity and tactical advantage to your gameplay, Fuse makes all the difference. The creation of elemental weapons and shields makes traversing Hyrule easier than it ever has been. Explosives and missiles, and generally any other whacky-natured item grants ToTK a unique experience. The only limiting factor to this ability is your imagination and only mixing two items together at a time. Just remember, the sky's the limit when it comes to Tears of the Kingdom!

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