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Dec 21, 2023

May 18, 2023

Brooke County Sheriff

Charged: Robert W. Gebroski, 39, Windsor Heights, burglary, Friday.

Charged: Mark A. Galiano, 48, 136 Putney Ridge Road, Colliers, driving while suspended and failure to appear, Friday.

Charged: Thomas W. Pringle, 64, 778 Petit Heights Road, Wellsburg, driving while suspended for driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance, Sunday.

Charged: Ralph Dennis, 43, Grafton, W.Va., public intoxication, destruction of property and indecent exposure, Friday.

Charged: Clint R. Gallagher, 58, 1783 Northview Road, Wellsburg, driving while suspended for driving under the influence, Monday.

Charged: Charles R. Truax, 54, 170 Manor Drive, Wellsburg, domestic battery, Sunday.

Weirton Police

Charged: James T. Noel II, 44, 120 Liberty Ave., Weirton, driving while suspended for driving under the influence, open container and improper registration, Saturday.

Wellsburg Police

Charged: Philip J. Hamilton Jr., 35, 317 Kingston Ave., Steubenville, fleeing from an officer with reckless indifference, Sunday.

Follansbee Police

Charged: Shawna E. Roach, 44, 221 Walter Ave., second offense-shoplifting, Monday.

Steubenville Police

Stripped: A Grandview Avenue resident who left her older vehicle in the 500 block of South Fifth Street discovered a lot of it was missing when she checked on it, Tuesday. Missing were four tires with rims, a sun visor, a box of clothes and jumper cables, along with both headlights. The grill had been removed but was still there, police said. She told police she’d last checked on it Monday.

Offended: A man walking in Beatty Park with his wife told police he heard a man talking on his cell phone saying "vulgar things" about his wife, then followed them all the way back to their residence, Tuesday.

Charged: A city resident was taken into custody after Wal-Mart Employees told police she "ticket-switched" 10 items of clothing, scanning a $1 bra ticket for each of them, Tuesday. Allyssa N. Jordan, 30, 300 Wilshire Blvd., Steubenville, was charged with misdemeanor theft. Employees valued the merchandise at around $100, police said.

Distracted: A shopper who was having trouble getting the Wal-Mart self-checkout to give him his $40 cash back said he stepped away to talk to a manager and by the time he returned to it the machine had spit his money out, but someone had stolen it, Tuesday.

Clipped it: A driver tried to pass a city sanitation truck parked in the 100 block of Powell Avenue and loading garbage, Tuesday. The motorist struck the truck's lug nuts, causing minor damage.

Fled: A man driving a gold Lexus RX struck a car at Lincoln and Wilson avenues, then fled the scene, Tuesday. The other driver said she’d just turned onto Wilson when the car hit her. The driver was a white male wearing a baseball hit with a female passenger.

Booked: Officers investigating a suspicious person complaint ended up serving an outstanding warrant for a probation violation on Renee D. Staudacher, 38, no fixed address, Wednesday. Staudacher also was booked into the county jail on charges of possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a drug abuse instrument after police found a case containing four hypodermic needles, chor boy and a metal measuring spoon with burn marks in Staudacher's purse along with a small container that had a couple granules of a substance believed to be crack, police said.

Desperate: A man trying to sell his EBT card at Gaylord Towers was told to leave and stop harassing residents, Tuesday.

Smoking hot: Police said a woman told them someone had set a potted plant on fire, Tuesday. She said the plant was on her back porch and when her son took the garbage out, he saw smoke coming from it. The homeowner said she extinguished it before there was a problem.

Smoked out: Two people waited until a clerk at Speedway was busy in the back of the store to fill their pockets with boxes of cigarettes they didn't pay for, Monday. Police said as soon as the clerk walked away the woman ducked behind the counter and grabbed boxes, concealing them in her clothing, and the male who was with her reached over the counter and grabbed some as well. Bad news for the couple: Police recognized the woman in the video and have forwarded the information to the prosecutor. The male is also facing charges. At least four cartons of cigarettes were pilfered, police were told.

Puppy loved: Callers reported a dog with tumors on its face in the 1000 block of North Sixth Street that had possibly been abandoned by its owner, Monday. Police talked with the owner who told them the dog is "extremely old" and has cancer, and the vet told him he cannot remove them due to their location.

Innocent explanation: Police responded to a possible overdose on Ridge Avenue, but Steubenville police/firefighters determined the individual actually had a medical issue, Monday. Police said a woman who was present had administered a dose of Narcan out of an abundance of caution, fearing the individual was overdosing.

Checked out: Police checked on a man at a South Third Street gas station who appeared to be unconscious and was shaking, Monday. They said he told them he just got off work and was tired and said he had no problem with them searching his car. They didn't find any illicit substances or paraphernalia but did find out his license was suspended. They parked the car for him and advised him to find a ride or walk to where he needed to go.

Dogged: A Valley View Drive resident told police his neighbor's dog is constantly loose and coming into his yard and showed them a video of the animal on his property, Monday. He said he's tried to speak with the neighbor about it "but the neighbor gets argumentative," police said.

Booked: Ryan Gooch, 32, no fixed address, Steubenville, criminal trespass, Tuesday.

Code issues: Notice of violation was sent to owners/occupants of a property at 937 Broadway, Blvd., high weeds/grass.

Cited: Sarah McIntire, no age listed, 1022 Hukill St., Brilliant, red light violation; Anthony R. Pompa, 34, 108 Piper Place, Follansbee, speeding; Mary Kay Lacke, 80, 1203 Maryland Ave., Steubenville, speeding; Cary Cox, 54, no fixed address, open container; Krista L. Lackey, 30, 1335 Euclid Ave., Steubenville, expired/unlawful plates; Dallas J. Stewart, 26, East Liverpool, speeding.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Fight: An Adena woman was taken into custody after a Mother's Day altercation at the family home in Adena, Sunday. Aubrey Joelynn Braun, 22, 50 Sycamore St., was booked into the county jail on a domestic violence charge, deputies said. Braun allegedly broke a family member's necklace and left marks on his neck and attacked another family member who tried to pull her off him, punching her and taking her to the ground. She also allegedly damaged two vehicles when she threw chairs and then kicked them, and had been drinking Twisted Teas, deputies were told. Braun said the others were lecturing her, and a third family member insisted "she didn't do anything wrong and … there were other witnesses," deputies noted. Braun was charged with domestic violence.

Cut the cord: A Bloomingdale woman said she got a notification that there was motion on her porch and realized she didn't know the man, Monday. She said the power was cut soon after the notification and told police she’d noticed a wireless drill in the man's hand. She said her satellite dish had been stolen.

Creepy: A Tiltonsville resident who said she rarely locks her doors because "the neighborhood is safe" said she was getting ready for a shower when her alarm system notified her the front door had been opened, Saturday. Deputies searched the residence and didn't find anybody, but they did notice the back door also was open. She said it should have been closed, too.

Suspicious minds: Legion Drive residents told police they saw a prowler, Sunday. The homeowners said they heard a dog barking and when they looked out, saw a man wearing black sweatpants and a black hoodie in their driveway, near their vehicle. He fled when they opened the front door, they said.

Fifty-fifty: Deputies referred a dispute on old state Route 7 in Rayland, Friday. The homeowner said they started arguing that day because the neighbors were putting their trash in cans he and his wife are paying for and claimed that in the past the neighbor has threatened to burn their trailer down and shouted inappropriate things about his wife in front of their children. He showed them videos of past interactions with the man, but deputies pointed out his wife also was shouting profanities at the neighbor while those same children were present. The neighbor said the caller and his wife caused a lot of the problems, threatening to shoot him with a crossbow and choosing to shout profanities instead of asking them in a nice way to stop using their trash cans. Deputies advised both parties if the problems continue, they’ll both be charged with aggravated menacing.

Time to pay: A Richmond woman who sold a camper to a man for $500 said he only paid her $250 up front, and when she went to his house to get the rest of the money, he shoved her son-in-law, Friday. The son-in-law said the buyer got in the woman's face and he thought the buyer was going to hit her, so he pushed him back and then the buyer punched him. He didn't want to pursue charges. The buyer and his wife denied there was an altercation.

Booked: Raymond Lee Higgs, 50, 314 Grandview Ave., 103, Tiltonsville, domestic violence, Friday. Higgs allegedly threw a metal box and then kicked it at a family member with a toddler present; April Nicole Street, 35, 114 Walter St., Yorkville, domestic violence, Saturday.

Cited: Ronald G. Phillip, 111 Bell St., Weirton, no operator's license and a license plate light violation.

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