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Bid for Bennett Street Substation upgrade project approved by CBPU Board

Jul 07, 2023

COLDWATER, MI (WTVB) – The Coldwater B.P.U. Board of Directors voted Wednesday night to award the Bennett Street Substation Relay Panel Upgrade Project bid to Electrical Power Products after they submitted a bid for over $195,000.

Engineering Manager Andrew Cameron says the project calls for the replacement of eight existing distribution circuit panels with modern digital relaying and telemetry.

He says the existing panels have aging electromechanical relays and meters installed, and are becoming harder to maintain.

According to Cameron, SEL submitted the low bid of over $184,000 with a lead time of 21 to 23 weeks but they required additional redlines to the contract that would have further increased the City of Coldwater's liability.

Electrical Power Products also had a shorter lead time of 16-18 weeks. Cameron said they did not have any redline requests, and met the specifications of the bid. Coldwater has worked with EP2 on previous projects before. They provided the control panels in 2020 for the Butters Avenue substation.