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Best chargers for Dell Latitude 9440 in 2023

May 12, 2023

Like many other laptops, the Dell Latitude 9440 comes with a 65W charger, but there are plenty of spares or alternatives you can buy

Like many great Dell laptops, the Dell Latitude 9440 comes with a 65W charger in the box. It is actually Dell's compact 65W charger, with a decent-length USB-C cable that you can wrap around the charger itself for better transport. So, whether you're always out and about with your new Dell laptop, or just sitting at your desk, it's a good idea to consider a spare or alternate charger. You don't want to risk losing the original, or have it break down and stop working, then find yourself with no way to charge your laptop.

We put together a list of eight of our favorite chargers for the Dell Latitude 9440. These include 65W chargers, multi-port chargers, compact chargers, and even a dock that can charge your Dell Latitude and give it some extra ports too.

This is Dell's official 65W charger for the Latitude 9440. It has a super long USB-C cable you can wrap around the charger, and an LED indicator light to let you know when it is in use.

The Anker 715 is a more compact USB-C charger. It can fit in the palm of your hand and has collapsible prongs. The only downside to it is that you don't get a USB-C cable with it.

As the name suggests, this is a basic 65W charger from Amazon. It doesn't come with any cables and is one of the cheapest full-size USB-C chargers out there. The front has an LED light to let you know when power is on, too.

The Baseus 20,000 mAh power bank is great to use when you're away from home or work. Plug the included USB-C cable into the power bank after charging it, and then plug the other end into your Latitude 9440 to get power on the go away from the outlets.

We recently reviewed the Satechi 200W USB-C 6 Port GaN Charger and loved it, making it hard to not suggest for the Latitide 9440. It's for those who are always at their desks and have multiple PCs or devices. It has 6 USB-C ports onboard for powering different devices.

The Plugable 16-in-1 Thunderbolt 4 dock isn't just a charger. We're suggesting it for your Latitude 9440 if you want to power up your laptop at your desk, and get some extra ports like USB-A, and Ethernet, too.

While this isn't really a charger, this Anker product is meant to be a backup battery and emergency charging station. You can use it to power up your devices when the power is out, or when you're camping.

If you have a low-voltage device like a mouse that takes charge from a USB-A port and also want to power up your Latitude 9440, this charger is for you. It's a multiport 65W charger.

As you can tell, we have all sorts of recommended chargers for your new Dell Latitude 9440. You can choose Dell's official charger, or something more premium and compact like the Anker 715. If those picks are too expensive for you, then there's the Amazon Basics 65W GaN Charger, too. You even have the option for a power bank from Baseus which can juice up your laptop when you're on the go.

Beyond those four picks, there's something like the Satechi 200W charger, which comes with 6 ports and is great for powering up multiple devices. And we can't forget the Plugable dock, either, which can charge your laptop and provide extra ports. There's even an emergency power bank, and a multi-port charger with USB-A ports, too.

Those are all the chargers we can suggest for now. But keep in mind that buying these chargers doesn't mean you have to use them with only your Dell Latitude 9440. Since these chargers feature USB-C connectivity, they'll work with similar great laptops, too as long as the devices are rated to accept 65W of power.

The Dell Latitude 9440 is a premium 2-in-1 laptop with a modern and sleek design, high-end Intel processors, and sharp Quad HD+ display. It's also the world's first laptop with Zoom shortcuts built into the trackpad.

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