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Nintendo 64 Switch Controller Back in Stock

Mar 08, 2023

The offical Nintendo 64 controller for use with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscription service is currently in stock.

The Nintendo 64 controller for Nintendo Switch is currently in stock. During the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, the Japanese giant revealed that N64 games would be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well as revealing a gamepad inspired by the third-generation console.

Featuring the iconic three-pronged arms and gray coloring, the N64 controller comes complete with D-Pad, single analog stick, and Z-trigger. Modern features have been added such as a rechargeable battery, USB-C charging, and additional home and capture buttons. Fans of the original control setup will be pleased to note Nintendo has also incorporated the Rumble Pak add-on. After nearly two years, however, Nintendo has struggled to keep up with demand for the controller much to the frustration of fans.

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The N64 controller for Nintendo Switch has been highly sought after since the company first announced games from the 64-bit era would be made available on Nintendo's hybrid console. At the time of writing, the Nintendo 64 controller for Nintendo Switch is up for purchase for $49.99 on the official Nintendo website. As the stocks are limited, players are only able to purchase the controller if they have a valid paid subscription.

While the control pad is best used for the N64 app on the Switch, players can use the controller across multiple games, including newer titles. Although with only one analog stick and a six-button layout, folks would have to constantly remap the controller to suit the needs of each game. As such, Nintendo recommends keeping to the 64-bit app and playing those late 90s classics including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Folks may be excited to finally get their hands on the N64 controller, but it is not all good news for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers as they are set to lose one of the service's exclusive games in the coming months. The servers for Pac-Man 99 will go down by October 2023, although the free-to-play title will retain its offline modes.

With the latest restock, more players will finally have the ability to play classic games such as Pokemon Stadium and Super Mario 64 as they were originally intended. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo has produced enough controllers with this latest update to satisfy the demands of Switch owners, or if there will be more N64 games making their way to the subscription service in the future.

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