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New FXP Fuseholder Provides Higher Operating Currents & Temperatures

Apr 21, 2023

SCHURTER has announced its new FXP fuseholder with increased power ratings. The closed fuseholder provides a solution to a longstanding industry challenge that involves power dissipation limitations for fuseholders used at higher operating currents and temperatures.

SCHURTER's new FXP sets a new benchmark in performance and versatility as the market's first fuseholder for 6.3×32 fuses to comply with the upcoming extension of the IEC standard 60127-6. Taking the lead in addressing critical needs for fuseholders with greater thermal performance, SCHURTER initiated the extension to IEC 60127-6, which increases the rated current from a maximum 16 A to 25 A. Accordingly, the innovative FXP high-performance shock-safe fuseholder carries the 25 A rating at 500 VAC. It also doubles the power acceptance rating from 4 to 8 watts at Ta +23˚C.

VDE approved at 25 A at 500 VAC and cURus approved for maximum 45 A at 600 VAC/VDC, the robust FXP is exceptionally compact, which allows for easier integration into space-constrained applications. In addition to high thermal performance, the FXP also meets stringent vibration and shock tests, making it ideal for heavier duty applications. It is IP40 rated, and salt mist tested.

Designed for streamlined assembly, the FXP provides a unique snap-in system for quick installation. The FXP features solder terminals, ensuring secure and reliable electrical connections. Shock-safe and accessible by tool only, the FXP fusedrawer prioritizes safety against accidental tampering. The fusedrawer is retained to the fuseholder to prevent accidental loss.