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Get to know Link’s four new abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Apr 13, 2023

Hello, adventurers!

Our earlier tips article for the Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom game had general advice for new players. Today's article is all about Link's four new abilities: Fuse, Ultrahand, Ascend, and Recall.

Use this ability to fuse items to your equipped weapon and shield (even your arrows!). For example, say you have a chunk of amber in your inventory. Just drop it to the ground and use Fuse to augment your sword or shield. This may increase your equipment stats, but that's just scratching the surface. Depending on what you fuse together, your creation may take on fun new properties!

For example, fusing your shield with a hunk of amber will make it stronger… but it also makes your shield into a weapon (due to it being all sharp and pointy now). Likewise, fuse Keese Eyeballs to your arrows to make them homing arrows. Try out any crazy combo that comes to mind!

Don't forget that you can fuse stuff to your equipment that's already on the ground—you don't have to put those items back in your inventory first.

Monster horns are plentiful and can be solid additions to any weapon. Always keep a stash in your inventory.

Don't forget you can throw items in this game! It may be fun to fuse bomb arrows together, but you can also just throw the bomb flower instead.

The Ultrahand ability allows you to pick up an object, rotate it, and then attach it to other objects. These objects include Zonai devices that add interesting effects—like rockets that that can give your vehicle a boost.

In this way, you can build all sorts of things. A boat with flamethrowers? Sure. Makeshift catapult? Why not?

Controlling Ultrahand will take some practice at first. When you move something around, you’ll see where two items will attach (the attach point kind of looks like green glue). Pay attention to these attach points and you’ll be building elaborate creations in no time.

If something didn't attach correctly, highlight that specific part and gently wiggle your Right Stick to detach it.

Some Zonai devices turn on when you smack them with a weapon—just be careful to hit the device and not the rest of your creation. For example, swinging an axe around on a wooden boat is not the best idea.

Use the Ascend ability to travel through ceilings and pop out the other side. Keep in mind that there are some limitations, such as the height of the ceiling above Link.

When you’re exploring a cave, don't forget about Ascend! It allows for a quick exit when things get hairy.

While ascending, you can tap the B Button to cancel the process and drop back down. Just do this before you pop out the other side.

Ascend can be fun to use in battle as well! Look for high vantage points that you can use to get the drop on enemies or escape their attacks.

Messing with the laws of time can be a good … time. Use Recall to rewind an object's movement. The possibilities of this one may not be immediately apparent—so try using it on any object that moves to see what happens!

Use Recall to return projectiles to enemies that threw them at you. Talk about return to sender!

Recall is very handy for resetting the positions of platforms or vehicles—such as a boat that's drifting away without you on it.

You can also Recall vehicles that you’re currently standing on. If your aircraft starts to veer to the right, reverse its movement to course correct.

That's all for now—we hope these tips help you out! You can purchase the game at the link below.