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Best shield fuse combinations in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Apr 07, 2023

Throughout Link's quest, he will find an exciting variety of weapons. Though increasing attack power is a good strategy, a smart defense is still needed. For this, a trusty shield is necessary.

Whether Link has a Pot Lid or a Mighty Zonai Shield, there is a myriad of items to fuse to shields to make them stronger. Below you’ll find some shield fuse combinations that will not only enhance your shields, but give them powerful unique effects as well.

You can stick virtually anything found in Hyrule to a shield. Think beyond basic rocks. For example, the gems found in caves can be fused to shields to produce elemental effects. Opal will splash enemies, defending you from fire damage. Rubies ignite enemies, Topaz electrocutes them, and Sapphire freezes them.

Spiked balls also harm enemies while defending Link. They are relatively rare, but when they are found, they should be attached to either a weapon or a shield. An explosive barrel will also decimate any troublesome Bokoblin. Additionally, fusing shields with other shields will greatly boost defenses. For instance, a Zonai-Shield Shield or a Knight's-Shield Shield easily blocks attacks from foes.

The stone hearts that are dropped by the Stone Talus greatly strengthen any weapon they’re fused to. The hearts don't improve the shield in terms of its defense, but arrows bounce off it, which is handy.

Zonai gadgets are great for building vehicles and for solving puzzles. They can also turn your shields into intriguing inventions. For instance, a rocket fused to a shield will propel Link upward. Fusing a Fire Emitter, Frost Emitter, or Beam Emitter will ensure Link remains on the attack while keeping his shield up. A cannon will blast shots when lifting the shield, and when aimed correctly, it will rip through enemies.

If the aim is to keep enemies away, attach a spring or fan to a shield. If the goal is to just disorient them, a light or mirror fused to a shield will do the trick. You can creatively use shields for traversal as well. Fuse a mine cart or sled onto one, and Link will slide down slopes and railings.

Link can cook edible items into good meals. These same items can make for some fascinating shield fuse combinations. Try attaching a Giant Brightbloom Seed onto a shield to light up dark areas when exploring the Depths. It isn't much light, but it does make a difference. Alternatively, fuse a Star Fragment to light up a larger area.

To confuse foes in Tears of the Kingdom, stick a Puffshroom on a shield. This will make your shield release a plume of pollen when an enemy strikes it, giving Link the chance to land a powerful sneakstrike. Dazzlefruit will temporarily blind enemies, and a shield with a Muddle Bud flower fused to it will confuse foes and make them attack each other.

Fusions will help keep Link protected until you find powerful armaments like the Hylian Shield. By experimenting with different fusions, even weak items like a Pot Lid can become effective against stronger foes. As is the case with weapons, shields have limited durability, so it is a good idea to always have a few on hand.

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5 June 2023 fusing shields with other shields will greatly boost defenses